3 years postdoctoral fellowship in cancer biology at CRBM – S. Roche team

Posté le 21 décembre 2018

Starting from sept 2019

Title:Deciphering SLAP tumor suppression function in colon cancer

Project: We wish to understand how the tyrosine kinase (TK) Src, which coordinate epithelial cell communication and fate decision, induce aggressive colon cancer. While Src is a well-defined oncogene in this cancer, this TK is rarely mutated and actually, the mechanisms promoting its cancer activity remain mysterious. During evolution, TK activities have become under the tight control of small adaptor proteins, which exert negative regulatory functions. We recently discovered that Src tumor activity is under the control of such a negative regulator, named SLAP. We propose that the expression of SLAP, which is reduced in 50% of the CRCs, defines a major mechanism for regulating the tumor activity of Src.

 Methodology: We will characterize the role of SLAP in homeostasis and intestinal epithelial tumor progression by employing genetically modified mice. The mechanism how SLAP is executing its anti-tumoral activity will be elucidated by combining sophisticated proteomic and molecular methods. Moreover, we will explore the role of SLAP in tumor response and resistance to targeted therapies, and finally evaluate the prognostic role of SLAP in patients with CRC. 

Expected Outcomes: This project will decipher the tumor suppressing role of SLAP in CRC and thus pave the way for novel therapeutic and diagnostic strategies.

We seek a talented and motivated postdoc with a strong CV and a solid background in cancer biology and molecular and cell biology. 

3 years funding will be obtained through applications to coming ARC and FRM postdoctoral offers.

For more information please contact  serge.roche@crbm.cnrs.fr

To apply please provide 2 reference letters along with a detailed CV and a motivation letter.