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Access to datasets and software. Software and tutorials Github repositories The software, standard parameters files and tutorials can be found in the Github repository: https:// astec-2019-published is the repository dedicated to this paper with a fixed and autonomous (full version, python and C codes) ASTEC software package. This include all the codes and libraries […]

3 years postdoctoral fellowship in cancer biology at CRBM – S. Roche team

Starting from sept 2019 Title:Deciphering SLAP tumor suppression function in colon cancer Project: We wish to understand how the tyrosine kinase (TK) Src, which coordinate epithelial cell communication and fate decision, induce aggressive colon cancer. While Src is a well-defined oncogene in this cancer, this TK is rarely mutated and actually, the mechanisms promoting its […]

Recherche de stagiaire niveau M2 – 6 mois – Bioinformatique

Sujet : Bioinformatique : Annotation structurale et fonctionnelle des protéomes Notre projet a pour objectif le développement de nouveaux algorithmes et outils informatiques pour mettre en place la chaîne de traitement nécessaire à l’annotation structurale et fonctionnelle des protéomes. Spécialisé en bioinformatique structurale, nous travaillons sur un certain nombre de problématiques liées (identification en séquence et […]

20 month- postdoctoral fellowship in CRBM – F. Landmann team

Host cell subversion by Wolbachia: the role of ubiquitination Ideal Start: Dec. 1st 2018 to Feb 1st 2019               The reproductive parasites Wolbachia are the most common endosymbionts of arthropods, now used to interfere with the transmission of arboviruses by insect vectors. We are interested in the mechanisms underlying their intracellular lifestyle, from the […]

Master 1/2 internship in Cell biology – Team François Fagotto

What makes tissues rigid of fluid? Regulation of the actin cytoskeleton and catherin-based cell adhesion.  The general goal of our project is to understand the cellular mechanisms that confer tissues with specific properties to tissues.  We focus on the role of the actin cytoskeleton in regulating motility and adhesion within embryonic tissues, focusing on the role […]

Master 1/2 internship in Cell biology and Biophysics – Team François Fagotto

Master 1/2 internship in Cell Biology and Biophysics What makes tissues rigid of fluid? The general goal of our project is to understand the cellular mechanisms that control where a tissue will be static or capable of dynamic reorganization. We study Xenopus embryonic ectoderm and mesoderm as prototypes for rigid, respectively fluid tissues. We are […]