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2019 - P-cadherin-induced decorin secretion is required for collagen fiber alignment and directional collective cell migration.

Le Borgne-Rochet M, Angevin L, Bazellières E, Ordas L, Comunale F, Denisov EV, Tashireva LA, Perelmuter VM, Bièche I, Vacher S, Plutoni C, Seveno M, Bodin S, Gauthier-Rouvière C.

J Cell Sci. pii: jcs.233189.


2019 - The balance between Mono- and NEDD8-Chains Controlled by NEDP1 upon DNA Damage Is a Regulatory Module of the HSP70 ATPase Activity.

Bailly AP, Perrin A, Serrano-Macia M, Maghames C, Leidecker O, Trauchessec H, Martinez-Chantar ML, Gartner A, Xirodimas DP.

Cell Rep. 29(1):212-224


2019 - How Does SUMO Participate in Spindle Organization?

Abrieu A, Liakopoulos D.

Cells. 8(8).

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