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2020 - Contact Area-Dependent Cell Communication and the Morphological Invariance of Ascidian Embryogenesis

Léo Guignard, Ulla-Maj Fiúza, Bruno Leggio , Julien Laussu, Emmanuel Faure, Gaël Michelin, Kilian Biasuz, Lars Hufnagel, Grégoire Malandain, Christophe Godin, Patrick Lemaire

Science . 369(6500):eaar5663.


2020 - mTOR and S6K1 Drive Polycystic Kidney by the Control of Afadin-dependent Oriented Cell Division

Martina Bonucci, Nicolas Kuperwasser, Serena Barbe, Vonda Koka, Delphine de Villeneuve, Chi Zhang, Nishit Srivastava, Xiaoying Jia, Matthew P Stokes, Frank Bienaimé, Virginie Verkarre , Jean Baptiste Lopez, Fanny Jaulin, Marco Pontoglio, Fabiola Terzi , Benedicte Delaval, Matthieu Piel, Mario Pende

Nat Commun ;11(1):3200


2020 - The osteoclast cytoskeleton – current understanding and therapeutic perspectives for osteoporosis

Anne Blangy, Guillaume Bompard, David Guerit, Pauline Marie, Justine Maurin, Anne Morel, Virginie Vives

Journal of Cell Science 2020 133: jcs244798 doi: 10.1242/jcs.244798 Published 1 July 2020

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