3 years postdoc in molecular and cell biology (team Roche)

Posted on 1 December 2017

Project title: the oncogenic role of pseudo-kinases in human cancer
Project summary: Protein kinases use protein phosphorylation as an intracellular signaling mechanism to coordinate cell communication and their deregulation is ultimately connected with carcinogenesis. Our main objective is to understand how perturbation of this phosphorylation-dependent mechanism leads to invasive tumors and use this information to define novel therapeutic points of intervention in cancer. 10% of the kinome is encoded by pseudo-kinases, whose function in biology is quite unclear due to the absence of apparent catalytic activity and therefore has gained little interest in oncology. However they are now recognized as playing as important roles as active protein kinases in human physiopathology. The aim of the project is characterize the oncogenic role of a novel pseudo-kinase, for which we demonstrate an important tumoral function in colorectal cancer. Our specific objective is to understand how this pseudo-kinase coordinate cancer cell adhesion, phosphorylation and transcription. Proposed methods will incorporate state-of-the-art proteomic, transcriptomic, biochemical, cell biological methods combined with relevant cancer biological models of colorectal cancer.

Techniques: molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, proteomics, transcriptomic, tumor biology,

Funding: Applications will be send to the funding agencies (ARC, FRM…) with dead-lines in early 2018

Postdoc contract will start at earliest in Oct 2018.

Profile: Highly motivated young postdoc with a high profile in molecular and cellular biology and a strong CV. A solid expertise in cancer biology is a plus, but is not mandatory. PhD students that will defend their thesis by the end of 2018 may also apply.


Contact: serge.roche@crbm.cnrs.fr