• 2011

    Identification of residues within tropomodulin-1 responsible for its localization at the pointed ends of the actin filaments in cardiac myocytes.

    Tsukada T, Kotlyanskaya L, Huynh R, Desai B, Novak SM, Kajava AV, Gregorio CC, Kostyukova AS.

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  • 2011

    Malaria vaccine candidate: design of a multivalent subunit α-helical coiled coil poly-epitope.

    Olugbile S, Villard V, Bertholet S, Jafarshad A, Kulangara C, Roussilhon C, Frank G, Agak GW, Felger I, Nebie I,[...]

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  • 2011

    Characterization of the mechanisms controlling Greatwall activity.

    Vigneron S, Gharbi-Ayachi A, Raymond AA, Burgess A, Labbé JC, Labesse G, Monsarrat B, Lorca T, Castro A.

    Mol Cell Biol. 31(11):2262-75. Pubmed

  • 2011

    [Greatwall, a new guardian of mitosis].[Article in French]

    Gharbi-Ayachi A, Burgess A, Vigneron S, Labbé JC, Castro A, Lorca T.

    Med Sci (Paris). 27(4):352-4. Pubmed

  • 2011

    A tension-induced mechanotransduction pathway promotes epithelial morphogenesis.

    Zhang H, Landmann F, Zahreddine H, Rodriguez D, Koch M, Labouesse M.

    Nature. 471(7336):99-103. Pubmed

  • 2011

    New insights into the evolution of Wolbachia infections in filarial nematodes inferred from a large range of screened species.

    Ferri E, Bain O, Barbuto M, Martin C, Lo N, Uni S, Landmann F, Baccei SG, Guerrero R, de Souza[...]

    PLoS One. 6(6):e20843. Pubmed

  • 2011

    Anti-filarial activity of antibiotic therapy is due to extensive apoptosis after Wolbachia depletion from filarial nematodes.

    Landmann F, Voronin D, Sullivan W, Taylor MJ.

    PLoS Pathog. 7(11):e1002351. Pubmed

  • 2011

    Analysis of the rpn11-m1 proteasomal mutant reveals connection between cell cycle and mitochondrial biogenesis.

    Esposito M, Piatti S, Hofmann L, Frontali L, Delahodde A, Rinaldi T.

    FEMS Yeast Res. 11(1):60-71. Pubmed

  • 2011

    The mother-bud neck as a signaling platform for the coordination between spindle position and cytokinesis in budding yeast.

    Merlini L, Piatti S.

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  • 2011

    Evolutionary crossroads in developmental biology: the tunicates.

    Lemaire P.

    Development. 138(11):2143-52. Pubmed