M2 internship of 6 months in Bioinformatics – Team Kajava

Posted on 21 November 2018

Bioinformatics: Structural and functional annotation of proteomes.

Our project deals with the development of new algorithms, software, databases and workflows required to undertake structural and functional annotation of proteomes with particular focus on “dark” proteome (non-globular proteins that include aggregation-prone proteins and proteins with tandem repeats)




Your project will consist of the extension and improvement of our computer tools (developed in java, or python). Knowledge in the Web development (PHP, JS, HTML / CSS) and GNU/linux based environments (our in-house server is debian based) are a plus. 

Required skills: Computer programming skills (java, or python or ruby) and mastering of the GNU/Linux environment (debian)

CV and motivation letter should be sent to :

Andrey Kajava (andrey.kajava@crbm.cnrs.fr)