The CRBM imaging facility opened in 2003 and now occupies 230 m2 of the new CRBM building. This facility is part of the regional imaging facility called Montpellier Resources in Imaging.

The CRBM imaging facility offers the access to classical imaging equipment, such as wide-field and confocal microscopy, for imaging fixed and live samples as well as to more advanced fluorescence technologies, such as light-sheet microscopy, TIRF, PALM/STORM as super-resolution technics, FRAP, photo-activation and photo-conversion or fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) to quantify molecular dynamics, and FCCS or FRET-FLIM techniques to identify inter-molecular interactions.

The facility proposes to users the customized automation of image acquisition and analysis/treatment at the different workstations and also a standard system based on the automated reading and analysis of a series of multi-well plates.

The CRBM also hosts an MRI screening service. This facility performs chemical bank screens or siRNA banks. The project leader is accompanied by the design of the screen until it is realized by robotization, acquisition and analysis of the HTS or HCS data and statistical analysis for the identification of the hits.

The MRI facility has received the IBiSA and iso9001-2008 labels and it is also member of national (GDR2588, RTmFm and France BioImaging) and European networks (EurobioImaging). More information about the facility and its operational procedures are available on its website: