for all present and future staff

In order to reduce the carbon footprint linked to my professional activity, I commit to respect the CRBM green agreements, by paying attention to the good practices listed below, and I commit to ensure that they are respected by the staff I manage in order to reduce waste and favor recycling.

1- Waste management:

-I agree to comply with the rules established for waste management and selective sorting, explained on the flyers displayed in workspaces.

-I use glassware instead of plastic consumables whenever I can, without affecting the quality of my experiments, in particular for the tubes used for bacterial or yeast cultures, which I dispose in the glassware collection bins after use.

-I reuse plastic -pipettes, tubes, plates- whenever I can, washing them and assigning them to the same uses.

-I use the dishware made available by CRBM for social events to avoid plastic waste.

2- Energy and water management:

-I make sure that the energy-consuming workstations in the laboratory (e.g. hot water bath) are all turned off at night (use of programmable outlets or manual check).

-In the office, I make sure when I leave that the computers are turned off at night, as well as the heating or air conditioning systems. I also make sure all lights are off in common spaces (meeting rooms, restrooms).

-I use reverse osmosis water wisely.

-I quickly alert about any defective device (water leak etc..).

-I limit printing on paper, both sides and B&W in priority.

-I store wisely my samples in high energy-consuming freezers.

3- IT management:

-I make sure to limit my digital storage by emptying my mail bin regularly and selecting the data that should be archived.

-I put my favorite websites in bookmark.

4- Mobility:

-I promote videoconferencing when my physical presence is not strictly necessary.

-I limit my participation to conferences that require long-distance flights.

-Every time I travel for professional reasons, when creating the mission, I agree to fill the carbon footprint calculation table.

-I only travel by train whenever this transportation allows me to reach my destination reasonably.

-I offer my guests to travel by train.

-I favor the bike for my local trips between institutes or to the university.

5- My purchases:

I promote eco-responsible purchases:

-I prioritize environmentally friendly suppliers (eg packaging methods) when the offer allows it.

-I favor low energy consumption equipment.

Signed in Montpellier in two copies,



Signature                                                                                Claude Prigent, CRBM Director