Internships & Jobs

Software developer (F/M) in charge of the integration of single cell Omics and connectome data into an animal embryonic model organism database.

Context The Smith (UC Santa Barbara, USA), Lemaire (CNRS/U. Montpellier, France) and Horie (Shimoda Marine station, Japan) labs have been awarded a joint multidisciplinary international grant to generate, disseminate and utilize computational tools for neural circuit analysis, focusing on the tadpole larva of the ascidian Ciona intestinalis, a close relative to the vertebrates. The project […]

Post-doctoral computer developer (F/H): Design and production of a multi-scale digital atlas of animal embryonic development

Context: The CRBM team “Transcriptional control of chordate morphogenesis” combines advanced approaches in life microscopy, experimental embryology, genomics and computer science to decipher the logic that governs the embryonic development of a small marine animal, the ascidian Phallusia mammillata (recent references at the bottom of the page). The team is made up of biologists and […]

Master’s internships in developmental biology in the CRBM tunicate team

Our team, based at the Centre for Cell biology of Montpellier (CRBM, France), is offering several 5-6 months master’s internship projects (experimental, computational or both) in ascidian embryology for the first semester of 2021. All projects can potentially be extended into PhD projects that would start in fall 2021. Selected students will receive a monthly […]
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