The Montpellier Cell Biology Research Centre (CRBM) has a long-standing interest in the study of the Cell Cycle. We organise :

One-day Cell-Cycle meeting

29th of June 2018

DR13 Delegation Amphitheatre in the CNRS campus, Route de Mende.

The meeting is organized in 4 plenary sessions, each of them introduced by a keynote speaker, followed by talks from established and early-stage scientists across the Montpellier Institutes. Different aspects of Cell Cycle Biology will be covered, including chromosome segregation and dynamics, cell invasion and signalling in tumourigenesis, control of mitosis and meiosis, development regulation.

The aim is to bring together diverse aspects of Cell Cycle Biology research within the Montpellier community and to provide young colleagues (PhD students, post-docs) with an opportunity to discuss their work with renowned leaders in the field.

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