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Cell division ensures immortality by producing two daughter cells identically from a mother cell. To prepare its division the cell must replicate its chromosomes and divide them into two identical batches during mitosis. The team studies the regulation of these mitotic processes and their involvement in human pathologies.

The mitose cell successively assembles two architectures of microtubules that will ensure the segregation of chromosomes.

The microtubules of the first bipolar spindle capture and gather all the chromosomes in the center of the cell (in blue on the images). This process ends in metaphase, which when it is reached immediately leads to the separation of sister chromatids. This separation occurs in anaphase due to a shortening of microtubules connecting the chromatids to the centrosomes.

The cell then assembles a second microtubule spindle, the central spindle, between the two batches of separate chromatids. This will continue separation by contributing to increase the distance between the two lots of chromatids during Anaphase B.

In the team, we try to understand how these two spindles are assembled with a focus on the central spindle. We are looking, in particular, to identify and understand the first events that will trigger the assembly of this central spindle.

The team is also very strongly engaged in cancer research. We are seeking to understand how a deregulation of cell cycle controls can participate in the onset of cancer, progression and treatment resistance.

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Cell Cycle


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  • Nathalie MORIN
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  • Claude PRIGENT Directeur & Chef d'équipe
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    The team is affiliated to the French Society for Cell Biology  (SBCF) and C. Prigent is an elected member of the board of the SBCF.


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