Recherche de stagiaire niveau M2 – 6 mois – Bioinformatique

Sujet : Bioinformatique : Annotation structurale et fonctionnelle des protéomes Notre projet a pour objectif le développement de nouveaux algorithmes et outils informatiques pour mettre en place la chaîne de traitement nécessaire à l’annotation structurale et fonctionnelle des protéomes. Spécialisé en bioinformatique structurale, nous travaillons sur un certain nombre de problématiques liées (identification en séquence et […]

20 month- postdoctoral fellowship in CRBM – F. Landmann team

Host cell subversion by Wolbachia: the role of ubiquitination Ideal Start: Dec. 1st 2018 to Feb 1st 2019               The reproductive parasites Wolbachia are the most common endosymbionts of arthropods, now used to interfere with the transmission of arboviruses by insect vectors. We are interested in the mechanisms underlying their intracellular lifestyle, from the […]

Master 1/2 internship in Cell biology – Team François Fagotto

What makes tissues rigid of fluid? Regulation of the actin cytoskeleton and catherin-based cell adhesion.  The general goal of our project is to understand the cellular mechanisms that confer tissues with specific properties to tissues.  We focus on the role of the actin cytoskeleton in regulating motility and adhesion within embryonic tissues, focusing on the role […]

Master 1/2 internship in Cell biology and Biophysics – Team François Fagotto

Master 1/2 internship in Cell Biology and Biophysics What makes tissues rigid of fluid? The general goal of our project is to understand the cellular mechanisms that control where a tissue will be static or capable of dynamic reorganization. We study Xenopus embryonic ectoderm and mesoderm as prototypes for rigid, respectively fluid tissues. We are […]


The Montpellier Cell Biology Research Centre (CRBM) has a long-standing interest in the study of the Cell Cycle. We organise : One-day Cell-Cycle meeting 29th of June 2018 DR13 Delegation Amphitheatre in the CNRS campus, Route de Mende. The meeting is organized in 4 plenary sessions, each of them introduced by a keynote speaker, followed by talks from established […]

Propositions de sujets de thèse 2018

Le CRBM propose 19 sujets de thèse dans le cadre du concours de l’école doctorale CBS2 Analyse de la manipulation de l’ubiquitylation dans la cellule hôte par les endosymbiotes Wolbachia. Analysis of the host cell ubiquitylation machinery hijacking by Wolbachia endosymbionts Biologie cellulaire de l’ostéoclaste : vers de nouveaux traitements de l’ostéoporose et des métastases […]

COST Action NGP-net workshop

COST Action NGP-net workshop Structural and Functional Annotation of Tandem Repeat Regions in Proteomes February 19-21, 2018, Montpellier, FRANCE   Organizing Committee: Andrey Kajava (Montpellier, FRANCE), Silvio Tosatto (Padova, Italy) Venue : At the campus of CNRS, 1919 route de Mende, Montpellier, FRANCE How to reach By car : When you arrive from the A9 motorway, […]