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The Centre for Macromolecular Biochemistry Research (CRBM) was created in 1966 by the CNRS and since then conducts an internationally recognized research in the field of biochemistry and cell biology. The CRBM has gained an international recognition thanks to its contribution to the field of "cell cycle", as illustrated by the seminal discovery of Prof Marcel Dorée and his team of the molecular mechanisms controlling cell division. Over the years, this field of research has become extremely active and has attracted many talented researchers in the domain at CRBM.

The research activity of the institute has then been reinforced by developing new lines of research, including the study of the mechanisms controlling adhesive and migratory properties of the cell in normal and pathological conditions, the investigation of how post-translational modifications of proteins control complex cellular events.

To fit better with the current research activity of the institute, the researchers, in agreement with the CNRS and Montpellier University, decided to rename CRBM Centre de Recherche en Biologie cellulaire de Montpellier (Cell Biology Research Center of Montpellier).

To celebrate half a century of great science, the CRBM organizes an exceptional symposium entitled :

"From Biochemistry to Cell Biology"

November 3, 2016 in the auditorium of SupAgro of Montpellier. (Download the program)

The scientific program will cover major fields of cell biology developed at CRBM with the participation of prestigious guests who are leaders in their fields :

  • Erich Nigg (Basel, Switzeland), Cell cycle and chromosome stability
  • Mina Bissel (Berkeley, USA), tumoral micro environment and breast cancer
  • Peter Friedl (Nimjegen, NL), cancer cell invasion and metastasis
  • Alfred Goldberg (Harvard Medical School, USA) Regulation of protein degradation
  • Patrick Mehlen (CLRC, Lyon), Tumor escape
  • Marc Vidal (Harvard Medical School, USA), Interactome networks
This event is a fantastic opportunity for the Montpellier scientific community and the french scientific community in cell biology to attend with us these outstanding lectures.

We hope you will join us to celebrate this 50th anniversary and participate to this exciting one day symposium. Registration is free but mandatory : Link

Le comité d'organisation des 50 ans du CRBM